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Micro insurance

Feel Protected

Microinsurance is the best alternative to be prepared for any type of risk that affects the well-being of your cared ones.

The insurances are granted by Allianz and are subject to their terms and conditions.

It a mandatory Debt Insurance that will be adquired when stablishing a credit with us.
In case of death, total or permanent disability of the client: the balance of the debt will be canceled by the insurer and if there is any remaining, said value will be delivered to the designated beneficiary

Evidence of insurability
Conditions to access to debt insurance
Age of Entry and Permanence - Debt Insurance

  Basic coverage Minimum age of entry Maximal age of entry Permanencia
  18 y/o   75 y/o 80 years or debt cancellation (whichever comes first)
Total or permanent disability   18 y/o   70 y/o 80 years or debt cancellation (whichever comes first)

Individual Insurance and securities - debt insurance

Protection and insured values Valor asegurado
Death Initial Debt Balance
Total and permanent disability
Maximum individual insured value $200.000.000
We want to guarantee the protection of those you love the most
A voluntary purchase insurance gives the contributor, beneficiaries or heirs a monetary compensation in case of death, total and permanent disability or serious diseases of the first.

Evidence of insurability
Condiciones para acceder al seguro voluntario
Edad de ingreso y permanencia – seguro voluntario

Amparo básico y auxilio por muerte Edad mínima de ingreso Edad máxima de ingreso Permanencia
14 años 75 años 80 años
Auxilio por ITP: incapacidad total y permanente 14 años 64 años 70 años
Enfermedades graves 14 años 60 años 65 años

Planes de Seguro Voluntario y Cobertura

Cobertura Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4 Plan 5
Vida 5.000.000 7.000.000 10.000.000 15.000.000 20.000.000
ITP 5.000.000 7.000.000 10.000.000 15.000.000 20.000.000
Enfermedades graves 2.500.000 3.500.000 5.000.000 7.500.000 10.000.000
Auxilio por canasta familiar 1.000.000 1.000.000 1.000.000 1.000.000 1.000.000
Auxilio funerario 1.500.000 1.700.000 2.000.000 2.500.000 3.000.000
Prima total mensual 4.367 6.113 8.733 13.100 17.467

*Auxilio por canasta familiar (en caso de muerte del asegurado amparado por la presente póliza)