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We help finance production, trade and services activities
for amounts that exceed 25 times the minimun legal wage up to 200 MW.

Credit modalities

Individual credit

For entrepreneurs or owners of micro and small businesses, located in rural and urban sectors, to meet capital, investment and asset replacement needs.

Group credit

Credit operations granted to microentrepreneurs or employees, being natural or legal persons, that are grouped in any of the following modalities:

Solidary group Associative group


Monthly, Bi-monthly, quarterly, according to the productive cycle. Fixed fees.


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Credit types

Awarded for the first time or more, to customers who have not achieved the preferential category.
It is a simultaneous credit to your main credit that can be used to invest in your business. To acquire it, you must be a client with excellent management records and have paid 15 installments or more of your recent credit
Awarded to preferential clients to provide them immediate or short-term financing required for seasonal or new business opportunities.