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Financial education

Guidance for a proper way of handling money. Promoting knowledge, skills and financial attitudes that will allow families to make decisions that improve their well-being and quality of life.

  • Budget: organize your accounts.
  • Savings: prepare for the future.
  • Indebtedness: debt management.
  • How to deal with crisis situations: microinsurance.
  • Entrepreneurship: ideas lead you to be successful.

Thanks to the agreement with the German foundation Sparkssenstiftung fur you can also have access to the following workshops:

  • «The savings club» created for children, to help them learn about money and its proper use. It will also encourage saving culture.
  • «The four golden rules» aimed at collaborators of the financial institution, advisors and administrative staff. Guidelines to money handling and organization, credit and individual financial planning with specific short, mid and long term goals.
  • “Mi hogar y mi dinero” is aimed at parents heads of households, in order to guide them in the proper organization of the money through a daily record of income and expenses.
  • «Me and my business» oriented to microentrepreneurs. Teaching them to identify and record their revenue, costs, expenses, prepare a statement of income, which will allow them to make financial decisions for their businesses.