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Free workshops and trainings

noviembre 24, 2019

Livestock Production

Promote livestock production through practices that will improve their quality of life and simultaneously care for other natural resources. Theorical- Practical Workshops include: Animal welfare Alternative […]
noviembre 24, 2019

Financial education

Guidance for a proper way of handling money. Promoting knowledge, skills and financial attitudes that will allow families to make decisions that improve their well-being and […]
noviembre 24, 2019

Sustainable agriculture

Benefits for the environment and for your health Promote good agricultural practices, that contribute to the environment, natural resources and the quality of life of the […]
noviembre 24, 2019

Food Processing

Ensuring food preservation in order to avoid contamination, health problems and economic losses Healthy Eating Food Safety and Foodborne Diseases Good Manufacturing Practices Introduction to Agroindustry […]
noviembre 24, 2019

Green microfinances

Through green microfinance, economic resources are channeled to be used to acquire goods or services, that allow mitigating and adapting to climate change, combining economic profitability […]
noviembre 24, 2019

Health promotion and disease prevention

Promotion of Healthy Habits and Prevention of Cancer. Prevention of Domestic Violence. Physical Health and Good Nutrition. Sexual and Reproductive Health Oral Health Dynamic Games